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Yoga Retreat Spain

Surrender your body to the uplifting effects of an aromatherapy massage. Pamper yourself with a facial and massage combo, heal your mind and body with a re-balancing reflexology.

Aromatherapy Nourishing Facial  – 1 hour   €50

Using rejuvenating plant extracts and facial massage, relax and  enjoy one  hour of sensory heaven.   Begining with a cleansing cream, using a special facial massage  which stimulates the blood flow & nutrients to your skin. Followed by an gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin & reveal new life and smoother cells.  Relax with a foot massage whilst a the face mask works its magic.  Removing your mask, your skin receives a nourishing moisturising cream, leaving you feeling fresh, bright, stimulated and alive once more.

Relax with a Facial & Massage combo1.5 hours €65

Let yourself go, totally relax and be pampered.  Try this combination of aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage, an aromatherapy facial, head, hand and arm massage.  Pure Bliss

Relaxing Reflexology Yoga Retreat



Re-Balancing Reflexology – 1 hour   €45

Healing reflexology,  involves finger and thumb pressure on specific points of the feet – known as “reflex points” . This pressure helps to  clear energy channels throughout the body and thus encourages the body to self heal.  The feet contain thousands of nerve endings, corresponding to organs and all parts of the body.  If there is a problem area within the body, a sensitive area is found in the corresponding part of the foot, usually a little painful.  By gently massaging these points, any tenderness  is reduced and a person’s general health is rebalanced and restored.  


indian head massage/

Indian Head Massage 30 mins €30 or 1hr €45

There is nothing quite as relaxing as an Indian Head Massage. The massage helps to release blockages in the energy flow around the body. Being particularly effective for sufferers of stress, tension headaches, sinusitis, muscular tension & fatigue.  



Pure Bliss – Back, neck & shoulder massage – 30 mins  €30

Relieve the pain & tension in the back, neck & shoulders using a massage with deep finger pressure on the specific affected areas.  The massage will “un-lock” muscle tissue, release toxins and help to stimulate blood and oxygen flow around the body….perfect end to a perfect day in paradise

Head to Toe- Detoxing  Massage – 1 hour  €50

Aromatherapy oils and massage help to detoxify and re-balance the body, thus improving your emotions, health and holistic wellbeing.  A carefully choosen  blend of essential oils, can address any specific symptoms, enlightening your inner-self. Alleviating stress,  tension and releasing the body of un-wanted toxins.  You may choose between a gentle or strong massage using invigorating or calming oils.

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