Yoga for Musicians

Objective ‚Ķwith our Yoga for Musicians

To help you as a musician to counteract imbalances caused by poor postures whilst playing your instrument. Enhancing your full range of movement in order for your body to reclaim its entire range of motion.

Our yoga for musicians targets specific areas with the best yoga postures, working with experienced yoga teachers, breathing life back into your body.

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Our concern is, the body positions taken in order to play an instrument are potentially damaging, ** over a period of time. Especially when you may practice for hours a day. One also has to consider the weight of larger instruments and the stresses caused with a harness, however well designed.

Asymmetrical Postures

Asymmetrical postures, where one arm is doing one thing and the other something else. Rather more subtle with some instruments, like the Oboe or Saxophone. Where the only shift is that one hand is always above the other AND with the sax you have the added weight of the instrument, unless it is of course, it is a Soprano.

Yoga for musicians

Instrument Design

The majority of musicians tend to carry their stress in the upper body, shoulders and upper back.
It may look like the position of, say a drummer is symmetrical but one of his feet is usually forward to push on the pedal of the bass drum.

yoga for musicians


Design & Weight ** The design of instruments has change very little over the past 150 years. It comes as no surprise that the seating position whilst playing some instruments is a little contorted, as many instruments were designed to be played in marching bands. Of course the added weight and harness can put addition stresses on the back and neck. The harnesses for the various brass instruments has changed very little over the past 100 years and all the strain is still on the neck and back.

Yoga for musicians

Correct Postures

Correct yoga asana practices ( asanas are postures ) will help you to balance out dis-functional actions which have arisen over time, due to prolonged sessions of playing. A simple Mountain Pose, to a relaxing vinyasa sequence. Just raising the arms overhead and exhaling them back down, will help to keep your body as healthy as it can be.

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