Yoga Holidays in Spain

Yoga holidays in Spain 

Inspired yoga at Yoga Holidays in Spain

Yoga holidays in Spain  offer inspired yoga retreats and holidays in the beautiful sunny region of Alicante Spain. Relaxing Yoga holidays, that combine an authentic yoga experience, energizing activities and rejuvenating therapies. Relaxing the mind body and spirit, allowing you to escape the stresses of everyday and just live the momento, here and now.

Whats included in your Yoga holiday in Spain

  • Yoga holidays in Spain include rejuvenating  yoga sessions with different pranayama techniques and meditations to really help your body open and strengthe
  • Free unlimited  herbal teas and coffee
  • Feel free to bring your Ipad and use our free Wi Fi
  • Yoga mats are supplied
  • No single supplement as 99% of our guests are solo travellers

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Our  yoga holidays in Spain combine a variety of styles, including Hatha, giving a fusion of styles to improve strength, flexibility and movement.  Premier sessions focusing on simple flowing movements to gently stretch muscles and joints
whilst synchronising breath with movement so that your practice becomes a
calming moving meditation.   Be  Inspired !

Yoga for cat lovers

Relaxing  Yoga Accommodation

Based in the beautiful town of  Moraira, original a small fishing village,
is our  beautiful spanish style villa,  just a  short walk to the sea.  

Relaxing Accommodation


Inspired Yoga Therapies

We are giving away a free therapy for a limited period

We offer a free massage therapy, …surrender your body to the uplifting effects of an aromatherapy massage. Pamper yourself with a facial and massage combo, heal your mind and body with a re-balancing reflexology.

OM Tranquil Yoga, who could imagine anyone not liking stretching their body out on a soft comfortable mat, in the warm outdoors. Practicing yoga tones your body and refreshes your mind and in so doing, improves your immune system, lowers your stress levels, and gives sooo many more health benefits. Yoga has been with us, for more than 5,000 years, in many different forms. Athough they are all based on the same postures /Asanas, each form having a particular focus

We have a variety of inspired holidays, bespoke to the individual, combining Yoga & Walking, Yoga & Cleanse and Pure Yoga, all with optional activities and Therapies.

There are far too many types of Yoga to list here, however we can list and discuss the top five Yoga styles. With sooo many different styles to choose from, it is difficult to know which style will benefit your, mind and body the most.

Our  Yoga teacher has  been practising for a number of  years and has a unique style, a fusion of the  particular strengths of the styles that she has learnt over the years. No matter what style you choose, it becomes the teacher who makes the class, not the actual style

Our style of yoga is a fusion but like many, is Hatha based.


Hatha is proably the most popular styles of yoga practiced today and is the style used mostly at our Inspired Yoga Retreat.

Hatha originated in India, ( like so many Yoga styles ) in the 15th century. This type of Yoga is ideal for a beginner, being both relatively slow paced and gentle, focusing on both the postures, breathing and meditation.

  • Purpose : To introduce beginners to yoga with gentle stretching forms with relaxing breathing and meditation.
  • Benefits : As any yoga does, it releaves stress. provides physical and mental exercise and improves your breathing
  • Who for : Really good for beginners, although many stay with Hatha for life.


Very similar to Hatha, in that the basic moves and breathing are synchronised.  A series of 12 Asanas, where movement is combined with  breathing.

  • Purpose : To link the movement with breathing and to tone the muscles
  • Benefits : Improves both strength,  flexibility and tone sabdominal muscles.
  • Who for : Beginners and advanced yogis.


A faster paced intense yoga and by some considered a form of power yoga with lunges and push-ups.

  • Purpose : To help improve teh physical body and tone muscles
  • Benefits : Improves co-ordination and may help in weight loss
  • Who for : Usually fit people, looking to maintain their strength and personal posture.


Focusing on body aligment. May be practiced with straps and blocks, to assist the strengthening of the body, with postures being held for long periods of time.

  • Purpose : To strengthen the body and help alignment
  • Benefits : As all yoga, helps improve balance, recovery from injury and strengthens the body.
  • Who for : Beginners wishing to learn the correct alignments for each posture and  those wishing to improve balance.


This is also known as hot yoga ! Bikram is practiced in hot conditions, ie 95 100 degrees. A series of 26 poses that allows the tight muscles to both sweat and relax.

  • Purpose : To form deep stretching of the muscles and flush out toxins from within.
  • Benefits : Speeds up recovery from injury and cleanses the body
  • Who for : Beginners and advanced yogis alike and those who wish to push themselves physically

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