Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

Yoga Mindfulness Retreat    Yoga Mindfulness & Meditation Retreat

We run accessible, nurturing yoga mindfulness meditation retreats for everyone, from complete beginners, to  those who may be a little more advanced.

Yoga meditation

What is Yoga Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a about focusing on the present moment, using techniques such as yoga, breathing and meditation. By focusing on the here and now, it is easier to forget past regrets and thoughts about worries in the future

Yoga Meditation

Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

Find a relaxing position, a place of comfort, on cushions or a chair, with a comfortable but erect posture and close your eyes. A common exercise is the “three minute breathing space” which contains key elements of mindfulness meditation.

  • The first minute is spent focusing on where you are now, the contact between your body and the seat and the sensations around your body. the contact of your feet on the floor.Mindfulness Meditation Pooh
  •  Second minute, brings your awareness to your breath as you let it in and out. The idea is to let your focus rest on one breath at a time to develop “moment to moment” awareness.

Inevitably, your mind may wander, you simply acknowledge where it went and gently bring your focus back to the breath without being critical about yourself.

  • The third minute involves a deeper awareness from the breath and across the rest of your body, observing how it feels, but breathing, moment to moment.

What does Yoga Mindfulness Meditation, teach us.

It helps us to appreciate life and its values. With meditation, it teaches you how to live in the moment, the here and now. Living for today and not waiting for a special event in the near future, a week or more away. It shows you that life is about daily experiences and not chattels / personal possessions.

Our Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

We offer a wide variety of yoga inspired retreats & holidays changing throughout the year.  Our Mindfulness Meditation Retretas, are run continuosly throughout the year. All our inspired Yoga retreats, include classes of  uplifting yoga,  to open, stretch and re-align your body together with delicious fresh ‘clean’ food, optional activities such as; hiking, pilates and  a choice of therapies.   Together with lots of beach time, making our yoga retreats the perfect relaxing holiday.

YoGa retreat Spain Our focus is not just on Yoga or Meditation but on Spain, the country we have come to love, for its year round sunshine, delicious Mediterranean food, Sandy beaches and beutiful people. Whether you are single female travelling solo or with a partner/friend, we aim to make your Spanish holiday, one you will ever forget and cherish the memories forever.

Our retreat includes small groups, allowing guests to make lasting frienships, many of which return year after year.



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